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The students really took an interest in the IRYZE material. I think this is a very important step for students to take before they begin their freshman year of high school. IRYZE provided the students many opportunities for classroom discussions and participation in those discussions was much higher than what I normally see in the classroom. Students felt very comfortable answering questions about their relationships with family, friends and teachers. It didn't matter what order we used the materials, because it was about the conversation that were born from each page of the workbooks. I was grateful for having a backbone of scaffolding structure for the materials in these conversations. IRYZE is the real thing!

Alex Van Name, Palisades Public High School Teacher (Teacher & Bridge Program Facilitator)

It takes the best of what we know about youth, how they think, how they play, how they look at their world, and integrates it all into a series of, dare I say, simple and fun learning opportunities that address the development of the core skills that are need in order to be successful socially, emotionally and academically. It is an ideal transitional tool for students leaving one environment, elementary or middle school, and entering another, middle or high school, IRYZE is essential. It should be mandatory!

Eric Komoroff, Founder & Executive Director of COMMUNITY of UNITY, Inc.(community development in NYC inner city middle & high schools)

"IRYZE is just the right curriculum for developing confident learners. Its usefulness is undeniable, and the effectiveness of its format can be deduced immediately. The curriculum is designed to foster and facilitate discussion, and every IRYZE-related conversation that has taken place in my classroom has been profound. Students become truly empowered by this program. Let the constructive rebellion begin."

Keith Johnson, 5th grade teacher at Village School (private elementary school)

So often we wait until we have problems before we seek out help. The IRYZE program serves the purpose of preventatively averting common teenage struggles before they surface. Through a well developed and research based curriculum it provides the tools teens need to navigate through the turbulent times of adolescence. The more we empower and arm teens with internal resources, the better chance they have in making a smooth transition to young adulthood.

Dr. Dani Levine, Ph.D.; Educational Consultant and Founder of The S.T.E.P. Group

Finally, some proactive tools to help young people be successful in school and life. iRYZE offers young people the tools to make good choices. It speaks to the teenagers, and inspires them to want to be their best. Every young person could benefit from the iRYZE curriculum how to be organized, study, have good communication, and develop self confidence. So much of my practice involves good kids who make bad choices if only they had offered in iRYZE..

Dr. Ari J. Novick, PhD; Anger Management & Parenting Expert

"In my 16 years of experience working with clients and their children, I’ve come to realize how important it is to equip kids with the proper tools to be responsible not only for their finances, but for their lives. iRYZE is a program that prepares kids for a successful future and empowers them to face that future in a constructive, effective and healthy way."

Gregg S. Fisher, President & Chief Investment Officer, Gerstein Fisher Financial Management


"They should have had a class for iRYZE in high school. I struggled with organization throughout high school, but after doing the workbook I feel ready for college".

Michael, 17 (senior in public school diagnosed with ADHD in 11th grade)

"I like that with the workbook I can do it my way, instead of somebody telling me how I’m suppose to do it".

Jake, 14 (8th grade at a high achieving college prep school)

"I really liked the Vox Ryzer. Now I feel I have the confidence to talk to my parents".

Sasha, 12 (6th grader whose parents were going through a divorce)


I bought the Ryzer Portfolio for my boys in 7th and 5th grade. I uploaded it on both their computers, and told them it is there if they want to use it. I came in my 7th grader’s room the other night and he was looking through the Skills Ryzer to figure out the best way to study for his history exam. My 5th grader got into trouble for saying something mean to one of his classmates. As a way to learn some tools and a consequence he had to complete the Vox Ryzer and discuss with me how to have positive relationships. He did it unwillingly, yet as we started to discuss the tools together I understand him better and now he comes to be with his problems.

Catherine; Houston, Tx . (parent)

My son has ADHD and was getting in trouble in school for not paying attention in class. I did not want him on medication. Another parent at the school told me about this iRYZE program that had helped their kid get organized. I called Dr. Stein and he thoughtfully considered my situation and suggested I try working with him on the Base Module. At first, I thought it would be a struggle yet Jamie likes that iRYZE lets him decide what works (not to mention the cool graphics-now he wants to try kitesurfing!) and we talk about the tools together. Most importantly, he’s really turned the year around and is doing better.

Will; West Virginia (single parent of 12 year old boy)

My daughter did the iRYZE seminar with Dr. Stein over the summer. Dr. Stein really understands young people, and what they need to succeed.

My daughter started off the school year prepared and confident. The best part was that she still picks up her Ryzer as a reference guide, and even adds to her answers or develops new personal goals. It’s like her life diary.

Sharon; Los Angeles, CA (mother of a 16 year old daughter)

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