• iRYZE-Core Ryzer (Self Confidence/Self Advocacy Skills Workbook)
  • The Core Ryzer introduces the essential components to define who you are and how you want to be in the world by exploring life tools such as developing a moral code, confidence vs. arrogance, problem solving, humility, responsibility, accountability, and other aspects of character development.

    The Core Ryzer endorses the iRYZE philosophy that when you are more confident and comfortable with yourself, you are more likely to be responsible, accountable, and make good choices.

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“They should have had a class for this in high school. I struggled through high school, but after doing the workbook I feel ready for college”.
– Michael, 17

“I like that with the workbook I can do it my way, instead of somebody telling
me how I’m suppose to do it”.
– Jake, 14

“Now I feel I have the confidence to talk to my parents”.
– Sasha, 12

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