• iRYZE-Vox Ryzer (Communication/Relationship Skills Workbook)
  • The Vox Ryzer offers tools for good communication with teachers, parents, and friends which directly affects your quality of life and success.  The Vox Ryzer empowers you to develop your own communication style by utilizing the Vox tools to develop a positive attitude, gather information, listen to others, be able to ask for help, and get your needs met.

    After utilizing the tools in the Vox Ryzer you will feel happier and more secure by knowing the best way to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas and maintain good relationships.

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"IRYZE is just the right curriculum for developing confident learners. Its usefulness is undeniable, and the effectiveness of its format can be deduced immediately. The curriculum is designed to foster and facilitate discussion, and every IRYZE-related conversation that has taken place in my classroom has been profound. Students become truly empowered by this program. Let the constructive rebellion begin."

Keith Johnson, 5th grade teacher at Village School (private elementary school)

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