• iRYZE-Skills Ryzer (Study Skills Workbook)
  • The Skills Ryzers offers you the necessary study tools to do well in school.  This includes note taking, outlining, memorizing, and other tools for academic success.  Successful study skills  is about choosing the right tools to do well on a test, prepare for a paper, plan an outline for a presentation, and feel confident that you are doing  your best in school.

    The Skills Ryzer allows you to develop your own learning strategy by choosing specific study skills that suits your learning style.  The experience of completing the Skills Ryzer empowers you to do well in school and be a confident learner.

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"My son has ADHD and was getting in trouble in school for not paying attention in class. I did not want him
on medication. Another parent at the school told me about this iRYZE program that had helped their kid get organized. I called Dr. Stein and he thoughtfully considered my situation and suggested I try working with
him on the Base Module. At first, I thought it would be a struggle yet Jamie likes that iRYZE lets
him decide what works (not to mention the cool graphics-now he wants to try
kitesurfing!) and we talk about the tools together. Most importantly, he’s really
turned the year around and is doing better."

Will; West Virginia (single parent of 12 year old boy)

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