• iRYZE-Org Ryzer (Organizational Skills Workbook)
  • The Org Ryzer empowers you to be organized by developing your own personal organizational system. This Ryzer helps you figure out the best way to use your backpack, binder, organizer, calendar, and other organizational tools.

    The demands of school and life require you to keep track of academics, sports, social life, family activities, special events, travel, transportation, and more. The Org Ryzer will give you the confidence to know where you need to be, what you need to get done, and where your things are. You can focus on what you’re doing and be confident that everything is in order. When you’re organized, you get your work done and you have more fun.

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"Finally, some proactive tools to help young people be successful in school and life. iRYZE offers young people the tools to make good choices. It speaks to the teenagers, and inspires them to want to be their best. Every young person could benefit from the iRYZE curriculum how to be organized, study, have
good communication, and develop self confidence. So much of my practice involves
good kids who make bad choices if only they had offered in iRYZE."

Dr. Ari J. Novick, PhD; Anger Management & Parenting Expert

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