• Base Module (Org-organizational skills & Skills-study skills)
  • The Base Module consists of the Org and Skills Ryzer. This Module provides the foundation for being organized and having good study skills. These are the fundamental tools for developing a system and applying yourself to do your best.

    The demands of school and life require you to keep track of academics, sports, social life, family activities, special events, travel, transportation, and more. The tools in the Org Ryzer will allow you to stay on top of your business and be focused on the task at hand.

    The Skills Ryzers offers you the necessary study tools to do well in school. This includes note taking, outlining, memorizing, and other tools for school. You define what tools will work for you so you can get your work done and have fun.

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"My daughter did the iRYZE seminar with Dr. Stein over the summer. Dr. Stein really
understands young people, and what they need to succeed.

My daughter started off the school year prepared and confident. The best part was that
she still picks up her Ryzer as a reference guide, and even adds to her answers
or develops new personal goals. It’s like her life diary."

Sharon; Los Angeles, CA (mother of a 16 year old daughter)

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