• iRYZE-Ryzer Portfolio (The Full iRYZE Curriculum)
  • The Ryzer Portfolio includes all 4 Ryzers; Org-organizational skills, Skills-study skills, Vox-communication/relationship skills, and Core-self confidence/self advocacy.

    The Ryzer Portfolio provides ALL the necessary tools to be successful in school and life. It empowers you to be organized, do well in school, have good relationships, and feel good about yourself.

  • iRYZE is a simple, direct, and self-guiding program which allows the student to define who they are and create their own portfolio.  The Ryzers are workbooks that provide different life tools with self-exploratory questions, the ability to set goals, develop new tools, add artwork and create an individualized portfolio.

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"The students really took an interest in the IRYZE material. I think this is a very important step for students to take before they begin their freshman year of high school. IRYZE provided the students many opportunities for classroom discussions and participation in those discussions was much higher than what I normally see in the classroom. Students felt very comfortable answering questions about their relationships with family, friends and teachers. It didn't matter what order we used the materials, because it was about
the conversation that were born from each page of the workbooks. I was grateful
for having a backbone of scaffolding structure for the materials in these
conversations. IRYZE is the real thing! "

Alex Van Name, Palisades Public High School Teacher
(Teacher & Bridge Program Facilitator)

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